Utilization of Information Technology in the Nursing

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The use of technology will increase along with the development of human needs. Technological developments have an important role to human life, including in the fulfillment of health needs. The nurse as one of the health workers who participated role in health care felt the impact. For loans tips, you can see through http://www.creditcardssumo.com/.

The development of information technology, especially the Internet provides an opportunity for the public to improve understanding of one of the key issues faced in everyday namely health.

Improved understanding of these health can bring tremendous influence on the way people view the daily habits that can have an impact on human health. For example, the consumption of healthy food and a description of any material alternative medicines that can help treat the disease being suffered.

Nursing as an integral part of the health service, in determining the determining the quality of health services. Nursing personnel dominate the overall amount available health workers, in which nursing contributes unique to this form of health care as a whole is relatively sustainable, coordinated and advocative. Nursing as a profession stressed to form professional services in accordance with the standards with attention to moral and ethical rules so the service provided can be accepted by the community well.

In carrying out the nursing practice, nurses must deal with a wide range of client’s condition. Experience in caring for clients in order clinics became a valuable experience as a provision in performing professional nursing services. But it is certainly not enough, because the condition of the client, the client’s knowledge increased, and easy access to information through information technology that is currently growing rapidly, requiring nurses to also develop themselves to improve their professionalism.

One example of the use of Information Technology is the use of gadgets such as PDAs. With this gadget, a nurse can perform the collection database of patients, organizer, quickly access information about drugs and diseases, and drug calculations calculations can also be used to make the nursing care plan.

Application of Information Technology in nursing such as online registration system, the use of robots to care for patients, the use of information technology in nursing maids, and various other things such as,

Improved quality of service
With the internet, it will be easier to find the information making it possible for the treatment to constantly update the science through the internet by accessing various developments in science, especially related to the field of nursing services.
In addition, nurses as a part of health workers that includes service to the community starting from the promotive, preventive to rehabilitative. With the internet access that is easy to use by anyone, then the nurse can use the internet as health promotion can be effective and can be accessed by anyone.

2. The development of science

Running in the treatment room nursing practice based on evidence based becomes a requirement as this is a significant effort in improving health services oriented cost-effectiveness and benefits (cost-benefit effectiveness). According to a meta-analysis of various nursing research report conducted by Heater, Beckker, and Olson (1988), found that patients who receive nursing interventions derived from the research have better outcomes when compared with patients who only get standard intervention. Health care practices based on empirical facts (evidence based practice) aims to provide the best of ways by the fact that research is applied carefully and wisely in preventive, detection, as well as health services.

3. Development of nursing services

Professional nursing care demands of society requires nurses to update their knowledge and run based on evidence based nursing care. Nurses who work in the room have a limited time to be able to access the evidence based. Some articles about internet access in the workplace show that their internet access will assist nurses in accessing evidence-based despite the limited time because they can do it quickly. This will help nurses increase the confidence, skills in giving care and obtaining information from several colleagues from other parts of the world.