Tips for Choosing Mobile Android

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Currently Android is the most sought after products, where facilities were given very much at all, and the specifications were increasingly sophisticated due to the existence of a microchip. Therefore we will provide information on tips on choosing an Android phone for you and the following information.

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Choosing a Screen

Choose the screen to suit your needs, if only just what it is and just to call, sms, listen to music you should select the size of the small screen. Ignore it for the screen resolution because if the big screen is also higher prices.

Different if you want a phone that is excellent in terms of running games and listening to HD video, of course you have to choose a nice screen and high resolution, so that you are satisfied in running it all. In addition to a nice screen choose a big screen, such as 5 inches or above.


You should pay attention to this, where the phone is good it must have a good OS, there are some OS embedded in mobile phones like Android, Windows Phone, IOS and BlackBerry. Everything is a good OS and has many facilities, so depending on which you despise.

In addition to the above you need to consider is the processor section, choose a processor speed of 1GHz or higher. If you choose below 1GHz seems to have no longer deserve to have. If it is high then the phone processor speeds open applications quickly and swiftly. But if you just want a phone for a call or a text message, regardless of the processors that did not matter.

The latter choose a RAM (random access memories) are quite high, RAM function is to assist the performance of the processor. Almost forgotten, in addition to high-speed processor voting typed processor dual core, quad core or above.


The camera is a technology that plays a very important, even if you do not want it, for sure someday you’ll need. We recommend you buy SMARTPHONE has a fairly large camera min 5MP rear camera. If you want a better camera again, select the 8MP or above.

Additionally you have to see what are the features of the camera, if you want good results, make sure you buy SMARTPHONE that brings the features of auto focus, LED flash. Two of these features are important in generating a good image, clear and good quality.

In addition to the rear camera, front camera seems you must have, even if not currently need, maybe someday you definitely need them. The function of the front camera is in addition to taking pictures, the camera is also able to make video calls, especially now that video calls can be done in We-Chat.

SIM Card

Which is more crowded at this time is a phone that can run two SIM cards simultaneously, so you only need one SMARTPHONE, to run two cards celullar you. But there are other sophisticated SMARTPHONE seems to only give one card facilities. Stay you choose which one !!


Any suggestions choose a phones that embed large memory, if there is no phone that embed select a micro SD slot. So even if the manufacturer provides little memory you can still slip a micro SD card into the micro SD slot.

Internet connection

In today’s age make an internet connection is important and not his day if you fro every day to the cafe. By buying a phone that qualified you are simply using your mobile phone, so no need to cafe all.

In addition to the existing 3G 4G right now, where the speed is no doubt you will be satisfied with the new facility. To get it, it looks like you have to spend a lot of money.

So a few tips on choosing an Android phone for you, so before going to buy make sure you understand some of the above in order to get a good mobile phone.