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Trying to Remove DD-WRT on Your Netgear Router?A Tutorial The DD-WRT firmware adds plenty of capabilities to a wireless router, and that’s the main reason many people have it installed in their Netgear routers. With the firmware installed, you can extend the range of your router and enable a host of other features such as static routing and repeating functions. Yet, how should you go about it if the DD-WRT router firmware turns out to be not exactly what you want and you need it gotten rid of? The good news is that a great Netgear router blog provides guidelines for how you can handle a range of Netgear router issues without difficulty. There is help for you in this tutorial if your router is running on DD-WRT but you want to return to the Netgear firmware that initially come with the router. DD-WRT has a user-interface featuring a firmware upgrade part that you can use to upload and remove the firmware file from your router. Netgear keeps track of each one of its router firmware in a web-based knowledgebase to enable users to download the appropriate versions for their devices. Download the Firmware from Netgear
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Get your router’s model number (it may be on a sticker at the bottom or the back under the networking ports. Visit the Netgear router support website where you can search the model number and retrieve the download page for your specific device’s most recent firmware.
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Create a Direct Connection Between Your Computer and the Netgear Router Connect your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable. To sign in to your device, enter its IP address on your browser (It’s by default). Username is “root” and password is “admin.” Update With Netgear Firmware Go to the “Administration” tab and then to “Firmware Upgrades” and click “Choose File.” Next, browse to your computer directory where the downloaded firmware is. Double click the firmware file to upgrade. A moment will be needed for the upgrade to go through and the router to restart. How to Reset the Router Locate the device’s reset button hole on the back, insert a pin on it, and press it down for 30 seconds. Unplug the router’s power cord while not releasing the reset button. Wait 30 seconds extra. Plug the router back to power and keep pressing down the reset button for 30 seconds more. Now relieve the reset button and await the full reset of your Netgear router. To configure your upgraded Netgear router firmware, browse to the routerlogin website and sign in using the default username “admin” and password “password.” A reliable Netgear router blog has so much more tutorials, but if you need to upgrade your router firmware from DD-WRT, the above steps will help.