Lathes (turning machine) is a kind of machine tools in the working process moving around the workpiece and using the eye-piece chisel (tools) as a tool to cut the workpiece. The lathe is a machine production process used to form cylindrical workpiece.
In the process the workpiece advance is mounted on a chuck mounted on the machine spindle, then the workpiece spindle and rotated at the appropriate speed calculation. Cutting tools (chisel) used to form the workpiece to be plugged into the workpiece is rotating.
Judging how to operate a lathe is divided into two types of lathes manual / conventional lathes and automatic lathe / cnc lathe. Lathe manual is lathe process operation is manually performed by humans directly, while the automatic lathe is a lathe which the vessels are automatically cut off the workpiece and withdrew after the process completed, where all movement is set or programmed automatically by using a computer.
Completely automatic lathes equipped with a tool magazine so that a number of cutting tools can be placed sequentially machined with little oversight from the operator. Automatic lathes is better known as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) drilling machines (lathes with computer numerical control system),
Lathe chisel generally in a state of silence, the development there kind of lathe rotating the cutting tool, while his body still. In the rotational speed according to the calculation, the cutting tool will easily cut the workpiece so that the workpiece easily shaped as desired. Conventional said to be due to distinguish with machines controlled by a computer (Computer Numerically Controlled) or numerical control (Numerical Control) and because of the type of conventional machines is absolutely necessary manual skills of the operator.
In the group there are also conventional lathe auto parts in the movement even also equipped with automation systems service well served by a system of hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. Engine size was not solely because it does little tiny conventional lathes used to do a great job as used in the shipping industry in making or taking care of a ship’s propeller shaft diameter up to 1000 mm.
The main function of conventional lathe is to create / produce objects cylindrical shape, such as straight shaft, shaft-rise (step shaft), shaft taper (cone shaft), shaft grooved (groove shaft), a threaded shaft (screw thread) and various forms other cylindrical surface of the field.