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German researchers have announced a novel way of practically using optical clocks to inform time with unmatched accuracy. Making certain America has 21st century digital infrastructure—such as high-speed broadband Web access, fourth-generation (4G) wireless networks, new wellness care info technology and a modernized electrical grid—is vital to our long-term prosperity and competitiveness. I inform my development group all the time that they need to know how the technology they are utilizing performs from a reduced level. I’m shocked no one mentioned that there is extremely small reward in understanding the intricacies of technology anymore. The technology being tested has the prospective to significantly reduce flight travel time.

The spread of paper and printing to the West, as in this printing press , helped scientists and politicians communicate their tips effortlessly, top to the Age of Enlightenment an example of technology as cultural force. For a lot more info on the Obama Administration’s technology priorities, verify out the White Home Workplace of Science and Technology Policy web site.

Report on the future of on the web education stresses central function of faculty members and instructional designers. The current state and path of technology presents a distinctive chance to entirely, fundamentally, redefine what it is to be successful. A Stevens education culminates in a Senior Design Project and Innovation Expo featuring mind-blowing student research. The use of simple technology is also a feature of other animal species apart from humans.

A far much more sustainable and accessible form of solar energy is using it straight as heat, and GoSol is moving this rather basic technology forward by leaps and bounds. The aim: to supply a actual-time platform for collaboration and a higher-level stage for discussions around the impact technology has on both organizations and society. Technology either spurs curiosity or kills it, whether or not the curiosity is about science, the humanities or athletics. For instance, when you you want to appear up a Facebook event happening tonight (your purpose) the Facebook app doesn’t permit you to access it with no very first landing on the news feed (their motives), and that’s on goal.

Believe of vast reservoirs of data, sitting in the vaults of government and industry, as a nevertheless largely underutilized national resource that can be injected into the economy—fueling a increasing tide of entrepreneurial innovation that can boost Americans’ lives in several tangible approaches, advance important national priorities in sectors ranging from well being to energy to education and more, and contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation.