5 Technologies Will Change the Business Sector in the Future

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The digital era is colored with diverse technologies. Some of which you may have often heard is wearable devices, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), to the Internet of Things (IOT).

It also fueled the growth of mobile applications in the world. However, the research institute Gartner assess the presence of diverse technologies mentioned above will have a major impact on the business. For the financial problems you can see it in overnight personal loans.

As reported by Cellular-News, Saturday (06/02/2016), at a session in the event that took place in Sydney, Australia, Gartner Research Vice President, Brian Blau, uncovering five (5) consumer technology that will positively affect their business scope in next few years.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

On the mat Consumers Electronic Show (CES) some time ago, Google and Microsoft reveal the use of AR and VR technology to extend the experience to other devices, such as smartphones.

Although VR greater adoption in the consumer segment, the enterprise seems to be more adopted the AR. “The potential for wider user experience to make the employment situation will be bound and opens the door to behavioral change,” said Blau.

For example, the logistics company DHL has improved warehouse operations by utilizing wearable devices and AR. Use of the device Head mounted displays (HMDS) will replace the use of hand-held scanners and paper making it more efficient.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistant

Applications will still be there in the future given the growing mobile ecosystem in the world. However, the use of the application will be more interactive and integrated.

In the future, applications can provide reports to the user through a personal virtual assistant. The user interface of your device will appear more seamlessly with a variety of content.

In addition to the consumer segment, the virtual assistant will have a positive impact on the business because they will have easier access to applications, data, or content.

Internet of Things

  1. Sensor Internet of Things (IOT)

In 2021, there will be one million devices based on IOT purchased every hour of every day. This new device will open up new opportunities for the other business segments. For example, the maintenance of which is predictable by using a device that is not requiring human intervention (autonomous). Gartner predicts 6 billion devices connected to each other in 2018.

  1. Wearable Device

The use of a display device and a camera mounted on the head, the sensor, until other smart devices will expand the product segments wearable device market. Smartwatch will become common devices like cell phones and the platform will push will drive enterprise adoption.

Gartner estimates that the sale of wearable device per year will reach 227 million in 2020, up from 88 million this year.

  1. Camera and Vision Technology

In 2016 and 2017, Gartner estimates that the camera will be a priority for the feature phone vendors. Some of the features of the camera will be the trend this year is auto focus, wide-angle lens, and a multi-lens.

Actually, the camera feature development will provide a new experience in communication. For example, use the camera as a digital assistant at a retail outlet.

The camera can identify people from the face and voice on a wide range of channels and partners, so as to enhance the in-store experience.

In addition, the high consumption of video on mobile devices in the consumer segment would create a different experience for the working environment. Multi lensa and 360 degree camera can be utilized on the needs of Internet communications for remote meetings.