5 Latest Technology Breakthrough In 2016

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It should be created to facilitate technology for its users. So many technology companies are constantly looking for ideas to develop increasingly sophisticated technology, practical and useful.

Various events were organized such technology Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which is routinely held every year, so that people can easily find out the latest technology from various manufacturers around the world. To find out tips for loans, you can see it in www.bestratedbadcreditloans.com/about-bad-credit-loans/people-with-bad-credit.

No exception under five types of technology, the technology is set to become the most widely anticipated in 2016.

1.Connected Cars (Cars Connected)

Technology owned cars connected, allowing you can travel to a place without having to drive (driverless). Google has created a multinational company driverless cars in California. Driverless cars such as Ford, Audi and Tesla is also equipped with music and GPS features to block the signal, the position of the vehicle, and location information to the car.

2.Smart Home

The trend of smart homes in the spotlight for one year. Because, with their smart home technology is able to facilitate human activity. Only silence on the bed too, you can grind and brew coffee just by connecting the device to the smart phone. For example, smart Wurian Dream Flower vase. This vase is able to regulate the temperature of the room in the house, humidity, and can be connecting with multiple devices such as smart phones and air conditioning. These vases can also be used as LED and wirelees router.

3.Layar OLED

This year LG will mass produce an OLED display technology. A screen that can be curved on both sides and can be rolled up. Although the screen size of 18 inches, but this screen can be rolled up like paper. The screen embedded on laptops, phones, tablets and televisions. LG will also prepare a flexible display that can be rolled with a size of 55 inches.

4.Now Cam

Zagg, is a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, Zagg is a famous brand in creating iPad casing or the like. Zagg is now trying to enter the market action camera lovers still dominated by GoPro. At CES 2016, Zagg Cam Now introducing the newest products. Not only that, Now Cam can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker that can hold up to three hours. The lenses are implanted on Cam Now angle of view of 120 degrees and an embedded image sensors that can take photos or video 5 megapixel 720p and 4 GB for media storage. February Now Cam will go on sale with prices ranging from $ 130.

5.Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is created to make the experience in sensory technology capable includes vision, hearing, touch, and sense of taste. The companies bring technology is intended that the VR device allows users to interact with an environment simulated by using a device designed computer.With, was able to make people feel the virtual world. Vive VR devices like HTC, Sony PlayStation VR, Facebook Oculus ‘Rift’, and Samsung ‘Rink’ plans to go on sale in the first quarter of 2016.

that is 5 Latest Technology Breakthrough In 2016, hopefully useful for you all!